“Hope it catches on, it’s a great idea!”

-Erin Gillette, Boy Scouts of America San Diego-Imperial Council

“Our canoe and kayak club enjoys several multi-day car camp trips every year, which means we do a lot of cooking on portable propane camp stoves.  Everyone agrees that the empty single-use “disposable” propane cylinders are terribly wasteful. When I heard that refillable cylinders were now being manufactured, I made it my mission to find a local propane retailer willing to stock them and offer exchange of full cylinders for our empties.  Fortunately, I found a local business owner who shares our commitment to waste reduction, and who quickly agreed to provide the service we needed.  I encourage others to seek out local businesses who will do the same, for the sake of the environment.  For my suggestions on how to approach businesses in your area about this, contact the California Product Stewardship Council ( and ask for my contact information.”

-Gary Moon, Consumer of Refillable 1 lb. Propane Cylinders



“We’ve seen a continued increase in sales as a result of increased awareness by being on the site.”

Orchard Supply Hardware


“Our current situation is that we do sell the standard green propane. We have had a lot of customers drop off their used canisters but we don’t have a great way of disposing of them in this county. It also makes us feel irresponsible for selling them for the same reason”

– Amen Filian, General Manager, Sports Basement Berkeley


“With the 1 lb. refillables, U-Haul is acting as a responsible corporate citizen by providing a green solution to a growing problem, and doing so at a significant savings to the customer. It is very unsafe to refill disposables, but our new cylinders are made for exactly that.”

– Dr. Allan Yang, Chief Sustainability Scientist, U-Haul


“We would often get requests to refill the disposables but couldn’t. The refillables allow us to provide this service to the customers and keep disposables out of the trash!”

– Frank, U-Haul of Mountain View


“It is a pleasure to see our customers save money and reduce waste by using the refillable 1 lb. cylinder, and we are happy to sell, refill and exchange refillables at our store!”

– Kosta Sarakinis, George’s Fuel & Auto Repair

(Kosta Sarakinis & George Sarakinis, George’s Fuel & Auto Repair)

“I know other stores have asked what to do with [empty] Coleman cylinders. [The refillables] are great cause they eliminate that problem and save people money.”

Bill Rayburn, Assistant Manager, Hassett Hardware Palo Alto

(Elliott Danczak, Mario Quinones & Arnold Orajel, Hassett Hardware Palo Alto)


UC Santa Cruz students are constantly in search of their next outdoor adventure and pride themselves on being good stewards of the environment. For this reason we’re thrilled to offer the new refillable 1 lb. propane cylinders for rent at the Recreation Department as an innovative way for students and staff to fuel their fun and reduce waste at the same time.”

Dustin Smucker, Associate Director of Recreation/Director of PE, University of California, Santa Cruz

Little Kampers make happy campers at UCSC

“With such active students at California State University, Sacramento it was important for Peak Adventures to provide them the new refillable 1 lb. propane cylinders as a new, environmentally friendly alternative to a historically wasteful product. Students love using refillables, and California State University, Sacramento is proud to be a leader in the university system in the paradigm shift away from disposables.”    

– Joey Martinez, Recycling & Sustainability Coordinator at California State University, Sacramento



“There was always just one sore spot in the industry where we felt, as a company, something had to be done to change, and that was the 1 lb. disposable propane tanks. The convenience of them, because of their size, makes them a very popular product nationwide, in the tens and tens of millions that are sold, and they can only be used once. We needed to find a better solution. The hardest challenge was to get the tank to a price point which would make it cost-effective for customers to switch from a disposable to a refillable cylinder. After many years, we finally felt that we had accomplished that, and we launched the Flame King refillable one pounder. Once we designed the product and had a product that was approved and ready to come to market, we wanted to understand the affect the product is having on the other side of the equation, on the recycling side of it, and where these are going once the customers are throwing them out. Someone put me in touch with CPSC, Heidi’s organization, and it was like a rocket just waiting for ignition.”

– Sam Newman, CEO and President, Flame King

Local Governments:

“When we started working with CPSC in August 2014, there was not one retailer selling or refilling the 1 lb. refillables in Santa Cruz County and the State of California.  In two short years, we have recruited four retailers that sell and three that refill in the County, with 193 in the State, and more are in process.  We developed a TV commercial with Secretary of Natural Resources John Laird and the Boy and Girl Scouts that runs in the Central Coast media market and beyond and has made such an impression that Secretary Laird has told me he gets approached on the streets and thanked for letting people know about the refillables”. 

Tim Goncharoff, Resource Planner at County of Santa Cruz

“This is about providing a safe alternative for disposable propane containers. This is really appropriate that we’re doing this in Silicon Valley because although we’re known as the center for innovation and high tech, we’re really the center for environmental protection as well. This is a grand example of that. I want to thank U-Haul for stepping up. It’s great to have a nationally distributed partner assist us.”

 – Pat Showalter, Mayor, City of Mountain View

“I’m delighted to be able to say that this county is very supportive of this effort. Here in Sacramento, where we roll it out, hopefully we set an example statewide, in the region and nationally.”

– Supervisor Don Nottoli, Sacramento County Fifth District

“Some 4 million (1 lb. disposables) are purchased every year in the state of California. Just in a 12-month period of Santa Clara County, almost six tons of these canisters were disposed of in a landfill. That’s bad, not just because of the quantity going to the landfill, but they are hazardous materials and they tend to do things like explode at the SMaRT (Sunnyvale Materials Recovery and Transfer) station. This is not a good thing. Propane cylinders simply do not belong in the waste stream, which is why moving toward refillables becomes more important.”

– Jim Griffith, City of Sunnyvale Councilmember and Santa Clara County Recycling & Waste Reduction Committee Chair

When planning your next outing, barbeque, tailgater or camping trip, choose refillables!