Please contact Jordan Wells to add your location to the RFYF website map of locations: 916-706-3420

Existing Propane Dispensing Locations:

Purchase a Flame King refill adapter*: ($21.99 – $24.99)

Contact Israel Schochet, Flame King Inc. Vice President (562) 310-1111


*While other 1 lb. propane cylinder refill adapters are available, the Flame King adapter is specifically designed to refill 1 lb. refillable propane cylinders. This adapter is equipped with a relief valve, as well as a fill nozzle that when released, will stop the flow of propane. Furthermore, it is designed so that it cannot be used to refill disposable cylinders.


Non-Propane Dispensing Locations:

There are currently two known manufacturers of refillable 1 lb. propane cylinders, Flame King and Manchester Tank. Contact the following representatives with questions and to place an order.



Flame King Inc.

Israel Schochet, Vice President






Manchester Tank

Frank Lane, Director of Research & Development and
Quality Control





When planning your next outing, barbeque, tailgater or camping trip, choose refillables!