Save money and the environment: Use refillable propane cyclinders!

Disposable propane cylinders fill trash cans

The Problem – Disposables

Every year in North America, 40 million disposable one-pound propane cylinders are used, with over four million in California alone.* Because of limited, expensive recycling options, the empty cylinders are often disposed of improperly in landfills, dumpsters, household trash, campsites, on the roadside or in recycling containers.

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The Solution – Refillables

Refillable propane cylindersSupport ReFuel Your Fun by purchasing, refilling and/or exchanging your one-pound REFILLABLE propane cylinders. The new valves on the refillable one-pound cylinders work exactly the same except they can be refilled and reused hundreds of times for up to 12 years. On the other hand, disposables are costly…not only to the environment but to your pocketbook as well.

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*Estimate provided by Kamps Propane based on annual cylinder production data and population data.

ReFuel Your Fun Program Fact Sheet


While adapters and refill kits are sold in the U.S., we do not endorse refilling 1 lb. propane cylinders at home. It is safe when done by a professional.

When planning your next outing, barbeque, tailgater or camping trip, choose refillables!